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Dispensing system of simple construction consists of wide variety particular neutral and active elements. By using of those elements it is possible to successfully create distinctive and individual interior of boarding operation. Main advantage of this system is based on its variability easy-to-operate and simple assembly together with the highest minimalization of total purchase costs. System is delivered disassembled!
The conception of dispensing system is based on gradual linkage of particular size-standarized stainless steel segments side by side which are mutally interconnected by square flanges and double-leg support. This support is reinforced by lenghwise profiled cross beams. Front facing of the system is attached to these beams. Segments are fitted with upper working board or with heated or refrigerated tanks with screwed hygienic covers - sneezeguards with glass of stainless steel upper shelf. Tray slideway is attached at the front side of the line. Tray slideway can be produced from tube or at massive interior execution with lengthwise guide lines.

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