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Modular dispensing system which follows contemporary trends of gastronomy operations is designed according to the lates technology and hygienic knowledges in this field of activity.
It consists of refrigerated, warm, neutral, boiling and beverage dispensing elements with wide variety of complements (neutral, refrigerated, warm display cases, cutlery and plates carts, basket, glass, bowl and bread dispensers etc.) and other accessories (dispenser cases, hygienic covers, dispensary lines, tray slideways, thermo bridges etc.).
Basically the system is executed in so called "techno" design. Progressive design of particular modules enables to demand high requirements for hygienic and technical features of dispensary while the principle of easy-to-operate and maintain of the dispensary system will be maintained.
The conception of dispensing line is based on principle of random linking of particular dispensary modules side by side, interconnected together by technological shafts with both side ending parts. The shafts are fitted with regulation and control elements. Modular items consists of self-supporting stainless steel case construction with internal fully smooth surface for perfect and easy cleaning. These modular elements are placed on massive cylindrical height adjustable legs and covered by stainless steel working boards with rounded front edge. Special lock connection of working board enables to create joint-free execution of working surface.

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