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Husovo nám. 10, 250 87 Mochov
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Creative design of dispensing system makes it possible to create original style of food and beverages distribution. Thanks to useful combination of colours, shapes, materials and lightings the unique interior of catering establishment can be obtained. Conception of dispensing line coming-out from possiblity of free space adjustment of single active elements in given operation. Sequencing of single modules can be straight, circular or at random arch eventually at mutual combination. Reaching of this effect is given by new construction of dispensing line where active working boards, socle, front of the line, tray slideway and hygienic cover are mutually independent at each other.

Basic character of dispensing system SIESTA RONDO is possibility to create practically random design of dispensing line. Just the minimal dimension of radius is of limiting factor. This fact is given by construction of single active modules in arch related to dimension of heated or refrigerated tank. Minimal radius of neutral module and footlights is defined by similar way.

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